Frequently Asked Questions

What is MAMLS's purpose?
MAMLS is the Manitoba daughter society of CSMLS. At its core, the mission of the Manitoba Association of Medical Laboratory Technologists is to provide advocacy for the profession of medical laboratory technology. That means we try to promote medical laboratory technology to the general public, as well as to foster the development of relationships amongst medical laboratory technologists with one another. That's not all we do, though! We also provide continuing education opportunities for technologists by offering many educational events and documents to read that can be used toward continuing education. We also provide grants to technologists for continuing education and scholarships for students!
Do I have to be a CSMLS member to be a MAMLS member?
Not at all! While a CSMLS membership is extremely useful (as an example, a CSMLS membership provides its members with professional liability insurance), you can most definitely be a MAMLS member without being a CSMLS member. In fact, if you go to the Become a Member page, you can apply for membership immediately!
What benefits would I get as a MAMLS member?
MAMLS membership has plenty of great benefits. The most important one for most members is the fact that membership in MAMLS gets you great discounts when attending local and provincial educational events. In fact, sometimes, MAMLS members can attend these events free of charge! You'll also have access to the plethora of continuing education articles (including examples of how to list the articles in your professional portfolio) that are provided on the website, as well as many opportunities to socially network with other Manitoba MLTs!
I am an internationally-educated MLT/MLA. / I am interested in becoming an MLT/MLA. What do I need to do? How can I learn more?
We're happy to hear you're considering joining us! All MLTs in Canada (and lots of MLAs) are certified by writing a national exam that is provided by CSMLS. If you're interested in seeing how your previous education makes you eligible to write the exam and become an MLT/MLA, head on over to the CSMLS website.