General Information & Membership

Q: How do I connect with my region’s academy?

The best way to connect with your academy is by emailing the President of the academy directly. Go to our “About Us” page to connect with your Academy representative

Q: What is MAMLS relationship with CSMLS?

MAMLS is affiliated with the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS).  The CSMLS is the certifying body and professional association in Canada with independent societies and or regulatory bodies in each of the ten provinces and one territory.  MAMLS has a formal liaison with the CSMLS through the President.

Q: How do I become a member? How much does it cost? What does that include?

There are two ways to become a member of MAMLS.  The first is to pay the membership fee when you are renewing your CSMLS membership.  CSMLS has made it possible for lab professionals to pay their provincial dues at the same time they are paying their CSMLS dues.  The second way is to pay MAMLS directly; this can be done via mail or e-transfer.

Currently MAMLS membership is $49 per year (less than a loonie per week).

Your MAMLS membership includes reduced registration fees to continuing education opportunities such as MCMLS, Spring Fling, as well as other academy events.  Membership provides you with the ability to apply for financial funding to help offset the cost of continuing education events such as LabCon.  Further, it provides you with leadership opportunities such as becoming a board member as well as voting privileges when attending MAMLS and the Academies annual general meetings

Q: What is the difference between an association and a regulatory body?

An association is usually responsible for advocacy, awareness, and continuing education opportunities.  Volunteers generally run these organizations and membership within them is voluntary.

A regulatory body is responsible to the public and is focused on patient safety.  They are governed by provincial acts and regulations.  The fees that Medical Lab Technologists pay to the regulatory body is mandatory and provides us with our license in order to legally work within Manitoba as a Regulated Health Professional.  The Board or Council of the regulatory body consists of volunteers while the day-to-day business is handled by paid


Q: What is MCMLS? Is it the same as Congress?

MCMLS stand for Manitoba Congress of Medical Laboratory Sciences.  It is often referred to as ‘Congress’.  It is a two day.

Q: What is MAMLS?

The Manitoba Association of Medical Laboratory Sciences is the provincial membership organization for Medical Laboratory Professionals.  MAMLS is run entirely by volunteers and membership in MAMLS is voluntary.


MAMLS has four regional academies under its umbrella;

            Capitol Region Academy (Winnipeg)

            NorMLS Academy (Northern Manitoba)

            Prairie West Academy (Western Manitoba)

            Valley Plains Academy (Central and South Central Manitoba)

Q: What does MAMLS do?

MAMLS has three main roles: advocacy, continuing education opportunities, and promoting industry awareness.  MAMLS promotes and advocates on behalf of its members to the general public, to the provincial and federal government, as well as within the industry itself.  This is accomplished through many avenues such as:

  • Career symposiums and school science symposiums
  • One-on-one meetings with the Minister of Health
  • Participating at Lobby Day in Ottawa with CSMLS
  • Supporting the Academies with speaker sessions and industry events such as Spring Fling and Congress
  • Meeting with members and non-members to discuss options regarding industry concerns

Member Recognition & Volunteer Opportunities

Q: Does MAMLS have a member recognition program?

Yes, MAMLS has a member recognition program that consists of three awards for members as well as two awards for student members.


The three member awards are:

  • The Crocus Award is given to a certified active member in recognition of the member’s outstanding contributions to MAMLS.
  • The ANC Delaat Memorial Award is given to a member (active or retired) in recognition of that member’s outstanding contributions to the field of medical laboratory science.


  • Honourary membership is awarded in recognition of a member’s outstanding life-time contributions to MAMLS.  The award is given to a certified member (active, inactive, or retired).  The recipient will receive all the privileges and services of membership without payment of membership fees.


The student member awards are:

  • The Professionalism Award is a monetary award that is available annually to a student or students completing their second year of the Medical Laboratory Sciences Program.  Criteria for this award includes demonstration of professional behaviour throughout the program, volunteering for activities associated with advocating on behalf of medical laboratory sciences, and contributing to the positive collaboration and cooperation among members of the health care team.  No application is necessary as the recipient of this award is selected by representatives from the first and second year of the program


  • The Joseph M Scott Award is a $500 award that is available annually to a student in their graduating year in the field of medical laboratory sciences.  A completed application form is submitted to the Director of Professional Development.  This person will make a selection and send the recommendation to the Board for approval based on the student’s community activities, leadership potential, etc.

Q: Does MAMLS offer financial support for continuing education?

Yes, see Hilda Fleming Fund.

Q: What is the Hilda Fleming Fund?

The Hilda Fleming Fund was developed in 1980 by Margaret Fleming to honour her sister, Hilda Fleming, and is intended to financially assist medical laboratory professionals participating in continuing education.  Hilda Fleming started her laboratory career at Winnipeg Children’s Hospital in 1925. During the late 1920s Hilda was employed at New York’s Flushing Hospital Laboratory. In 1939 Hilda returned to Winnipeg where she was employed at Trainor Laboratories until her retirement in 1968. Hilda was an active technologist throughout her career and was a founding member of the Manitoba Branch of the CSLT

A minimum award of $100.00 and up to a maximum of $750.00 is available to any member of MAMLS who is participating in an activity or event that advances their knowledge and/or skills of the medical laboratory profession at the discretion of the Professional Development Committee based on the completed application provided.

Professional Development & Continuing Education

Q: How do I volunteer for MAMLS events?

Visit our Volunteer page to find out what volunteer opportunities are available.

Q: How do I become a Board member?

Every year MAMLS posts on-line as well as sends an email to members directly about the board of director positions’ that will be open for nomination in the upcoming year. If you are interested in volunteering for one of these positions, you will need to complete the nomination form and send it to the President of MAMLS along with a short curriculum vitae and a head shot photo (to be uploaded on website). If there is more than one member vying for a position then an election using email ballots will be conducted.