A Message to all Manitoba Medical Laboratory Professionals

A Message to All Medical Laboratory Professionals in Manitoba

In February, as President of MAMLS, I joined forces with Michael Grant (CSMLS Director, Marketing & Communications) to develop a communication strategy to engage the provincial candidates prior to the April 2016 Provincial Election. We developed a communication piece that advocated three key messages:

1. Removing the academic bottlenecks to training new MLT’s, including improving access to job placements
2. Ensure education programs are meeting the needs of the healthcare labour market
3. Better integration of internationally educated lab professionals into the Canadian workforce, making sure that the province takes advantage of existing skills to better serve Manitobans.

This advocacy letter was sent out in early April and MAMLS goal is to use it as a launching point to continue to develop a strong working relationship with the new Health Minister.

MAMLS is expecting a response from each party and will be sure to notify our members via email and through the MAMLS website (www.mamls.ca) regarding the parties feedback.

On April 19th, please exercise your right to vote.


Melanie R. Couture
Manitoba Association of Medical Laboratory Sciences