Call for Nominations for 2016 Vice President


To ensure that the board is comprised of individuals who possess the skills, qualities and experience to collectively contribute to effective advocacy for the Medical Laboratory Profession in Manitoba.

Term of Office:

This four-year leadership commitment to the Board progresses to President Elect 2017, President 2018, and Past President 2019. In the four-year term you will:

  • Work with an experienced Board in meeting the advocacy, education and professional promotion needs of Manitoba laboratory technologists and laboratory assistants.
    • Meet, share ideas and learn from your colleagues across the province and across the country.
    • Develop a better understanding of the Medical Laboratory profession.
    • Perform duties as outlined in the MAMLS Standing Rules and By-Laws.


The deadline for submission is June 26th, 2015. Please send an email to attention Chair of the Nominations Committee to submit a nomination. Nominations should include a picture and brief curriculum vitae. Should there be more than one nomination for a position; the successful candidate will be decided by a mail out vote. In the event that only one candidate is nominated, that candidate shall be elected by acclamation at the MAMLS Annual General Meeting 2015.